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Piff Cherry Releases NEW SONG “Stay With Me”

Palm Beach Piff releases a new single that hits!

The modern day soul is being REBORN.

Versatile singer/songwriter Piff Cherry features a fire breathing guitar solo from Joacim Henning. Together they introduce a soothing journey to the LO-Fi dimension.

The song is based off a previous long term relationship Piff admitted in an Instagram post on August 12,2021.
“I thought I was fully over it years after but it turns out I wasn’t, until I wrote this song.”

Many artists find inspiration in their own past, their own struggle and it teaches themselves a lesson or drive them into new directions. For many, that is how they move forward. By expressing their emotions the best way the know how. For Piff Cherry it’s her voice, her words and more importantly the people around her.

Credits to the Creators

Director of Music Video: ArielBlak & Piff Cherry as Co-Director. Producer : Sevlow Starring Piff Cherry & Duecesings Mix/Masters: BRKS A HOUSE IN PLUTO PRODUCTIONS PIFF CHERRY RECORDS

The music video was filmed in the Art Gallergy of Sugar Plum & The Grumbling Growler located in Lake Worth, FLORIDA.

It’s soothing.
It’s pure.


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