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8 Things to Know about Cody Hoaks

Cody Hoaks is an artist like no other! We had the pleasure of getting to know the real him and here are 8 things to know about Cody Hoaks.

1. What do your brothers think of you?

All three of my brothers are extremely proud of me. They tell me how I inspire them in their everyday lives and motivate them follow their passions.

2. In your song “Looking”, there is a voicemail created by your mother. Previously you’ve stated that it makes you cry. Do you still cry when you listen to it?

Yes, depending on how I’m feeling that day; that voicemail will push me to the limits of crying and other days I can feel it coming, but I normally don’t

At 0.58 seconds into the song. His mother leaves a beautiful voicemail after surviving a terrible car accident.

3. Can you name 2 songs you replay every day?

I tend to listen to my unreleased stuff until I can’t stand it. I try to see what I can add and take out, or what I should fix when I finish the mix.

4. If you were a dictator of a small country, what crazy dictator things would you do?

Make everyone take part in some sort of art form that will help give back to society. It’ll help uplift others.

Cody Hoaks interviews with CiiiTY for “Luvaddict” release

5. What’s going on with THGNTLMN? Are you still recording music together, or are you pushing a solo career?

“Right now I’m focused on my solo stuff while Dirtygod works on some of his own! We will be back before you know!

6. Say your daily life was viewed as a TV sitcom. What would the theme song be?

“Hustler Müzik by Lil Wayne”

In 2016 on his 23rd birthday, Cody experienced a tragic accident that almost took his life. He was in a coma for three weeks in the ICU. As of today, he promotes the idea of not drinking and driving.

7. What was the most difficult song you had to work with?

There’s a freestyle I did on a beat for silent ride by west side boogie and in it, I speak on my grandfather taking his life and me almost losing mine shortly after.

8. If someone were sitting next to you and you saw them sad; if you had the ability to make them feel better…what would you do or say?

I would let them know my story and let them know that EVERY problem has a solution. We just have to remember to be in the present moment and activate our power of manifestation to get the result we want.

Anything is possible to achieve if you have the right drive. It will bring you countless blessings or miracles that place you right where you need to be. Cody Hoaks’ story is a perfect example. In life, you can ride the wave and enjoy the ride, but you also have the power to manifest what you desire.

Dive in deeper and get more knowledge in the upcoming CiiiTY interview with Cody Hoaks as we discuss his life and latest project “Luvaddict”.

– fatherTIME808

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