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Jay Fazo is Changing the Game and Breaking Family Chains

The New York artist grew up listening to Biggie & Tupac with his musical inspiration coming from his favorite artist J.Cole. He started making music in middle school with his friends and was discouraged by peers who believed they “sucked”. Back then he wasn’t focused and hung out with the wrong crowd. Simply put, he wasn’t on the best path and it reflected in the music he used to make. He created mostly trap music that highlighted drug use and had no real emotion or flow.

After moving back and forth between Florida and New York, he ran into some serious trouble with the law and was determined to change his life around when he welcomed his first child into the world.
Inspired to make lifestyle adjustments for his daughter, he began incorporating storytelling into his music and built a new and improved Jay Fazo. This is when he started to make real Changes.

He prides himself on having a unique and versatile flow but pushes himself hard and allows nothing to stand in his way. He sold his first car to buy a MacBook for producing his songs and has spent thousands on the quality and every detail of his craft. Jay Fazo is a person that learns from everything he does and has discovered amazing ways to market himself. His musical strengths would be writing music and telling stories in relatable ways with rhythms anyone can vibe to at any time, but that won’t stop him from giving a killer freestyle from time to time.

His childhood wasn’t perfect by a long shot, but given the opportunity, he wouldn’t change a thing and inspires others to control their narrative. He is a real-life example of not allowing his past to dictate his future and coming from a history of addiction, he is the one that is breaking the chain.

Jay Fazo is on the path to being a motivational icon. Everything he does is strategically planned out and every dollar he spends is well worth it. He is the type of artist to travel cross-country to the best videographers he can meet like Florida’s Obi. Network through great engineers that’ll lead him to get dope features like the one you can expect on his newest project from Futuristic.

The project is set to release on his son’s birthday in May, but get all the details now in his latest interview with us!

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