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How does a team come together ?

How does the energy in the room need to feel?
What will you film?

How are you going to feel when you are too sore to move? Are you going to be proud of your creations, your delivery?
The effect you put on these kids. Was it soft? Was it wrong?

What does it mean to be successful? What does it mean to feel truly happy?
Some say you can’t have both things.
Some say nothing at all.


Find a team of people who believe in you, A team that believes in themselves. YOU CANNOT DO IT ALONE.
The team you choose are going to struggling with you. They are already struggling with themselves. So SUPPORT each other.
Everyone is different.

Remember! The teammates you work with don’t need to know who they really are. They just need to know how to connect to who they really are. Find an art that is right for you.

“Art isn’t a painting, it’s a form of expression.”



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Hi Everyone!

The website has finally launched and is fully interactive for you guys to enjoy all of our content in one place. We worked hard to make this a safe space to learn about a diverse set of people from all over the ciiity. Watch our videos to hear more about their talents & stories and be informed as to what’s relevant in music and media. We strive for unity and individuality as we encourage everyone to be the best versions of themselves. We support the personal growth and advancement of each artist that we come across.

Tap in with us and watch as we contribute to the positive change that we want to see in our community.

– ♬ Kelsey Means ♬