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8 Things to Know about Cody Hoaks

Cody Hoaks is an artist like no other! We had the pleasure of getting to know the real him and here are 8 things to know about Cody Hoaks.

1. What do your brothers think of you?

All three of my brothers are extremely proud of me. They tell me how I inspire them in their everyday lives and motivate them follow their passions.

2. In your song “Looking”, there is a voicemail created by your mother. Previously you’ve stated that it makes you cry. Do you still cry when you listen to it?

Yes, depending on how I’m feeling that day; that voicemail will push me to the limits of crying and other days I can feel it coming, but I normally don’t

At 0.58 seconds into the song. His mother leaves a beautiful voicemail after surviving a terrible car accident.

3. Can you name 2 songs you replay every day?

I tend to listen to my unreleased stuff until I can’t stand it. I try to see what I can add and take out, or what I should fix when I finish the mix.

4. If you were a dictator of a small country, what crazy dictator things would you do?

Make everyone take part in some sort of art form that will help give back to society. It’ll help uplift others.

Cody Hoaks interviews with CiiiTY for “Luvaddict” release

5. What’s going on with THGNTLMN? Are you still recording music together, or are you pushing a solo career?

“Right now I’m focused on my solo stuff while Dirtygod works on some of his own! We will be back before you know!

6. Say your daily life was viewed as a TV sitcom. What would the theme song be?

“Hustler Müzik by Lil Wayne”

In 2016 on his 23rd birthday, Cody experienced a tragic accident that almost took his life. He was in a coma for three weeks in the ICU. As of today, he promotes the idea of not drinking and driving.

7. What was the most difficult song you had to work with?

There’s a freestyle I did on a beat for silent ride by west side boogie and in it, I speak on my grandfather taking his life and me almost losing mine shortly after.

8. If someone were sitting next to you and you saw them sad; if you had the ability to make them feel better…what would you do or say?

I would let them know my story and let them know that EVERY problem has a solution. We just have to remember to be in the present moment and activate our power of manifestation to get the result we want.

Anything is possible to achieve if you have the right drive. It will bring you countless blessings or miracles that place you right where you need to be. Cody Hoaks’ story is a perfect example. In life, you can ride the wave and enjoy the ride, but you also have the power to manifest what you desire.

Dive in deeper and get more knowledge in the upcoming CiiiTY interview with Cody Hoaks as we discuss his life and latest project “Luvaddict”.

– fatherTIME808

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G’Fetti – Up and Coming Artist out of Palm Beach

G’Fetti, a.k.a. “Yoda”, a hidden gem in the music scene, is making his mark in the CiiiTY.  Born and raised in Dunbar Village, the heart of Palm Beach, this is where he figured out his love for rapping and making music. Since 8th grade, he used to play around with friends, write rhymes, and create freestyle videos. They formed a collective called G.Y.G. which stands for Graveyard Gang. A natural wordsmith, G’Fetti has a unique fast style of rhyming and spitting bars. With musical influences like Kendrick Lamar, Playboi Carti, and Wiz Khalifa, he learned to enhance his style. G’Fetti always comes with high energy and delivery on tracks like, “Feel like Dthang”, “Legends” and “Psychopath” you can hear these songs off his latest EP, Rockstar Yoda. He is no doubt in his own lane and plans to put his all into his craft and release more content in 2022.  

GYG x NLMB posted up at the Ciiity Studio.

With bigger dreams than just being an artist, he wants to delve into other lanes in the music industry like producing. He looks up to great producers like Pierre Bourne and TM88. Very particular with his beats, he enjoys upbeat tempos and guitars to capture his versatile sound. He prides himself in not sounding like anyone else. It’s deeper than just rapping for him. Through music, he says, “is the only way he can truly express himself and his feelings.” When he isn’t in the studio, he is usually promoting his music, listening to beats, dancing, or showing off his backflips. Other than musical aspirations, he plans on venturing out of Palm Beach one day to go to London.  

2022 is going to be a big year for G’Fetti, he wants to try and leave the loner lifestyle and set his New Year’s resolutions to socialize with more people. As well as release more hit songs and crazy visuals. You’ll want to tune in and see what more there is to come from him in the new year! 

Keep up with his Instagram, @gfetti.yoda   

See our latest interview with G’Fetti:  

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Rickodukilla the Underdog of Palm Beach Florida

Rickodukilla Announces Release of 2022 Project in New Interview.

Ricko is a freshman of the CiiiTY’s music scene having only been releasing music under the moniker for 6-7 months.  Originally out of Boynton Beach, a city in Palm Beach County, he attended Roosevelt Middle School before spending his High School years in Palm Beach Central High. High School was about the time that Rickodukilla really started playing around with music. He didn’t take recording seriously though until about 2020 and has been on a roll since. In conversation, Rickodukilla is a quiet and humble dude, who’d even admit himself that he actually doesn’t think he is putting his best foot forward, and feels he is very much an underdog in his own city. However, if you hit the play button on any of this kid’s records you will find yourself instantly blown away by the level of raw talent and creativity evident in his pace, cadence, and delivery such as in records like “Rickodunine” and “Stuck,” from his “I Feel” project, and “No More” from his latest project ‘Versatile.’ Versatile is evident that Ricko is one of those artists with potential to blow up overnight off of his talent alone.

Rickodukilla posts up in an interview with Change in the Youth Media

The versatile artist is not the only underdog though, he’s also co-founded a collective known as GOUD (Generation of Underdogs) which consists of all around talents from artists, creators, and producers, who all come together to make their lives easier and build an empire. This sort of networking is crucial for artists of today, and we see plenty examples of artists organizing their labels and teams very early into their career like Lil Durk with OTF, Kodak Black’s Sniper Gang, XXXTentacion’s Members Only, and so forth. Although many of these organizations often are preestablished gangs, they ultimately do help elevate the brand of the artist a lot. Rickodukilla has a high ceiling potential to build a huge brand and a tight fanbase for himself.

“No More” by Rickodukilla is his latest video streaming on Youtube.

Ultimately, what is most special about Rickodukilla is that he has a unique ability to both melodize and be lyrical all while still maintaining exclusivity in his own lane. It’ll be very interesting to see how quickly Rickodukilla will rise considering that this is only ground level for him. We’re on the lookout for Unpopular Loner, the new EP from Rick dropping this January of 2022! 

Keep up on instagram, @Rickodukilla 

See our latest interview with RDK: